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The Bead Party Big Reveal and Im excited! Look what we made!

The Bead Party Revealed!

The Bead Party has arrived and I'm pretty darn excited about its arrival as I'm sure 96 other women are too! The Big reveal starts today June 19 2010! Lori Anderson (click here to see all of the participants) brought this wonderful party to fruitation last year and many of us rejoice in its arrival again. Ninety-six wonderful talented women have participated in a bead swap with partners to see what the others create with the beads sent to them. This year Kimberly Roberts of Bahama Dawn and my names crossed fate and we have sent our beads to one another.

Here are the beads I sent Kimberly..beads handmade by Gaea..

And this is what Kimberly sent me. A hand cut copper piece that says "Live Love Laugh" but in my finished necklace which I call Orange Blush I punched a hole in the bottom and added a Green Girl Studio bird and some sashaying beads..also Kimberly sent her lampwork beads and wire. I did not use everything but Love what I did make! Thank you Kimberly I just love the green and orange lampwork you sent! These are my favourite colours as well..

Here is my necklace I call Orange Blush! I have used Kimberly's lampwork pieces and her handmade Live laugh Love copper focal, other lampwork I have collected, brass I hammered, some pewter pieces from Mamacita Beadworks, sterling silver, and a Green Girl Studio flying bird all wire wrapped in Brass. Ive worn it many times and have gotten many compliments!

Buttons from my collection..

I hammered brass pieces here..

Kimberley's handmade hammered focal and a Green Girl bird..

This Party was so much fun with the exchange..waiting on the beads in the post and designing. I'm so pleased I was part of it!

Here is the Schedule..
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Great job - what a funky necklace. I'm sure you'll continue to get compliments for it! regards Stefanie


This is wonderful! I am lovin the way you wire-wrapped those glass links together!


Oh the gorgeous beads, and look at the exquisite necklace.

That has to be an amazing party, 96 talented ladies.... :)


What a great citrus-y summer necklace!


Love, luv, LOVE the necklace! great job.



I totally LOVE your necklace it is gorgeous!


I love the orange feel and the fact that you added buttons. It's darn cute :) eye candy for sure! smiles, Virginie


I really like the way you used buttons in your necklace. I always want to use buttons but am not sure how.


Love the summery color combo, it just makes me smile!


Love the orange and green together - what a great focal.


Certainly a necklace to live, love and laugh with. Great colors, so vibrant. Wonderful.


Fun, Funky, Fabulous! I Love it!


Wow, this is awesome! I love the colors and diverse textures, and what a great idea to add the dangles at the bottom. Great work!!


This turned out great! I love the contrast of the bright beads with the more rustic metal pieces!


Oh that focal is fantastic! And adding buttons was totally inspired. I love the colors you used, too! Great job!


I love big chunky the mixed metals too.


Love it, Love it, Love it, I'm not surprised you got lots of compliments, it is fun, whimsical and classy all rolled into one, job well done.


Wow! Love the glass, colors, warm feeling from the amazing piece worthy of many compliments, I think!


Janet, just love it!! I can totally see why you received so many compliments when wearing it... you pulled it all together so wonderfully - from the colors to the focal and the wirework! :-)


This is fun, funky, and daring! I love that focal--you made it the absolute focal with the fun pieces you put with it. The orange and green gives it a summery feel and one I'd feel comfortable wearing with my favorite jeans and tshirt!


love what you did!!!! so glad have gotten so many compliments!


Love the necklace and the colors. The buttons are really cute. Wonderful job.


Janet this is so summery! It jumps out you and says hey put me on! Now get on that torch and do your lampwork!


Hey Janet, this is lovely! What a great colour scheme. AND you have sent some truly beautiful beads to your soup partner! Lucky them.


Soooooooooo much fun!! Love the way you used your soup mix.


Greate work! Love buttons and summer-colour of it:)


I like what you did. Really cute - and I love the addition of the GGS birdie. Completes the pretty pendant in such a nice way.


Put an umbrella in my drink! I am ready to go to the beach with this fun soup. I love the bright colors. I have a hard time with bright colors and it is a personal challenge of mine this year to make that happen. I really appreciate all the ingredients you put together. And I love the word "sashaying"...what a great description! Thanks for sharing this tasty helping of soup, Janet! Enjoy the day.


Such a funny colorful the way you combined beads and buttons.


What a beautiful necklace! I love the colors and your addition of buttons looks lovely.


OOPPS! I posted on the wrong posting! I apologize big time - I will say it again though - AWESOME PIECE! It looks like so much fun to wear.


Love it!! Great Colors and texture!


I love those rings! What a gorgeous piece!


oooh hammered metal everywhere! That is such a favorite of mine, and you've used them well here in this necklace. Great job!


What a fun colorful necklace. You did a great job in designing.


Beautiful piece. I love the components you had to work with - especially the pendant (right up my alley). You made a gorgeous piece!


I love how eclectic it looks. Bravo!


Really love those lampwork beads - they look like sweets. Good enough to eat!


This is gorgeous! I love the color palette!


Love the necklace!
Janet it is, summery and whimsical!


That is seriously funky!!


I love all the different elements you pulled together to create this fun and funky necklace. It's perfect for summer! I can understand why you've gotten so many complements.


oh sounds like fun!

and great creation!

ciao bella!
creative carmelina


A beautiful tropical mix of colours! Such a fun necklace, it's bound to get you lots of compliments!


What a wonderful fun creation!


Very cool and modern design!


How intriging! I love what you did with her beads and I've been to see what she did with your's both winners!

That necklace of yours is a study piece, each time you wear it, someone will notice something different, like a little treasure box. Beautiful work!


That is such a great design!!! You're a girl after my own heart with the orange, so I soooo want a creamsicle now. haaaaa I also love the play with the button. I never think to bust those out when they might work so wonderfully. Love it!! Jen


the copper work is great & I LOVE how the orange pops!


Great work - a very colorful necklace. Lovely.


I really like how you connected this necklace together. The combination of the colorful glass and different metals just really makes this necklace special!!


Cool focal! I like the copper and silver together! Nice colorful and happy piece... you really got some great soup!!


What a great piece! Love the way you put it all together, very cheerful!


Cool necklace and I love how you incorporated all the buttons. Great color! Enjoy wearing this.


What a fun, joyful necklace! It's just sooo juicy! Well done.
Bead Happy!


This is a really fun necklace! It screams take me to the picnic and a swim at the falls! Really wonderful yummy!


EB Bead and Metal Works said...
Awesome job! I love the copper pendant and how you assembled everything is great! It looks like it would be so much fun to wear! Fantastic!


Laurel said...
Oh, I just love it! So many pretties, I could just eat it! But then, I do love me some orange...great job of combining everything.

June 19, 2010 2:33 PM


I want to thank you all for these really wonderful comments! This is such a great party just the anticipation alone made me happy!! I treasure all of your comments~thank you!!

PS I have added some comments that got left on the post bf this one! Grrr on this page set up! lol


My Grama's Soul June 23, 2010 12:56 PM
I have too tell you sweet friend.....I'm lovin' all those beads.

I am a true lover of funky, eclectic jewelry. This is just up my alley.




Mel P said...
I LOVE this, it is a real pop art piece, stunning !

June 20, 2010 10:45 AM


Such a gorgeous necklace. I love the colors.


Thank you all the lovelys for all of your kind and happy comments! It
always means alot. This has been such a wonderful Soup a la Lori!!


Oh my goodness...those wee owl pictures are just too cute! I love them. Thanks for entering my giveaway :-) Where is your Scottish husband from? I'm from Edinburgh!


What a great story......this young lady was HARRY POTTER....before there was a HARRY POTTER!!

By the way.....the necklace you created is stunning.




Lovely necklace! Love it! Great photos too!

Thanks for stopping by my blog too! I finally finished my red piece if you want to check it out.


Hi, Janet!

I'm so glad to find your blog. It is beautiful. Your necklace is wonderful, and that barn owl story sounds like something I would love.

One winter we had a tiny owl who roosted over our door. Our actual residence is federal and has sort of a U-shaped front porch which blocks the wind, and my husband got some cute pictures of him asleep. I love owls and love to him them whoooo.

Looking forward to blogging with you.


Sheila :-)


I love the piece. Your color mix was very much like mine- with very different outcomes. I really like what you did and I am a big fan of metal links so it is right up my alley. It kinda makes you in a fun mood when you wear it- doesn't it?? It is so upbeat! Great job. Alice from alice's beads and baubles


What a great summertime, fun-time necklace! So colorful! I love it!