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Happy Thanksgiving from Texas

Here's wishing everyone a Blessed Holiday with Peace and the spirit of thankfulness. Were so blessed in this country with such a bountiful horn a plenty of food, a warm home to shelter under and a gracious Heavenly Father who watches over us all. We may have hard times but He gives us courage to soldier on and brave this life's trials.

Its finally gotten coldish 45 is getting cold here in Texas. A respite from the hot hot forever to forever warm. How I love the cold! I will be finishing some wire wrapping today then on to this messy house. Pies to make yikes I'm already out of time!

I will be thinking about my loved ones as I straighten the messes here with love and thankfulness that they are in my life. Even the people I don't know but care for very much on this Internet.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone over this beautiful land we call Home!


What a lovely post. I hope you had a wonderful holiday!


HI Janet
Just spent some time catching up on your blog....I like this image you used for serene. Where did you live in rural VA? I'm in Northern VA...not too far from DC - far from farm life, but there are signs of old farms all over. :-)


I lived in Lovingston it was so lovely like set back in time! It was btw Lynchberg and Charlottesville. Gods country lol...